Shared Space

Day Rush


Events move by too fast to perfect
and if I could freeze a moment, hard
it would lose the softness of breathing
alone into the shared space of love

Breathing in, to draw the next time near
Breathing out, to wipe the senses clear
And turn, re-turn, and turn again
And turn, return, and turn again
The circle of self inspirals the soul

Moments frame our remnant memory
and if I could dissolve the brain, the
Ocean of the days’ dissolving breath
will take what’s left: the shared space of life

Bump. The beat which takes the feet outside
Ba-Dump, the beat which moves the feet to dance
and dance, entrance, and dance again
And dance, in trance, and come again
The beat of time compels us all to rise

And move in joy of knowing
And move in tears un-knowing

Shakti twirls in Shiva’s circling flames
And I am the dance, I know my name
Its holy moment for all the same
To Shout into the shared space of time

This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA.