The Three Shaktis

David Rush


Laxmi is the wife that Vishnu kept.

In the beginning all the Shaktis (Saraswati, Laxmi, and Parvati) loved only Vishnu because he held culture together, making a place among humanity for Their joint manifestation of creation.

But, so the Devi Gita tells us, the three Ladies took to quarrelling amongst themselves, and Vishnu couldn’t be having with that. Culture was about living in harmony, not squabbling over what kind of things were most important.

Saraswati argued that ALL the 10,000 things could work it out on their own, and that she was too busy MAKING THINGS to be bothered with fitting it all neatly together. And so Vishnu hooked her up with Brahma. Brahma, while also mad crazy about MAKING THINGS, was also a bit of a control freak, requiring that creation do what it was told. And so Saraswati brought balance through technology and the arts, freeing culture from the tyranny of Brahma’s rituals.

Parvati was sure that the only way forward for culture was that all the little-s selfs, vibrating out from the erotic play of pure creation, remember that they are also divine. And in that remembering, they would fall into harmony just as beautiful as the orgasms which were their beginning. So Vishnu hooked her up with Shiva, who didn’t care so much for anything other than Their own glorious being as Godhead. And Parvati gave Shiva a family, that there would be balance between the self and the other.

But Laxmi appreciated the best and most beautiful of all-that-is, and that beauty is both in the thing itself, and how it fits in its place. She knew that nothing SEEN is ever lost, and that aging and death are the same as birth and growth. And Vishnu SAW Laxmi, and they danced together, celebrating the richness of ALL-THAT-IS as it becomes its own reflection of Divine Emanation across all the possibilities of the Multiverse manifesting ItSelf.

So ends my heart’s knowledge of how the Three Shaktis joined their consorts, bringing freedom and compassion at the beginning of creation.

Om. Shanti.

This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA.